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Arista Electronic Systems

Your Local Standby Manufacturer for Electronic Devices

Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan for your electronic device production ?

Your IT systems have fail-over capacity, if a server breaks there is an idle server, usually at a remote location, pre-loaded with your applications and a synchronised copy of your data,ready to take over the workload. Fail-over systems are usually classified as Cold, Warm and Hot depending upon how quickly and easily the secondary system can take over from the primary.

Your CTO will be very insistent on just how many nines are in the SLA with your hosting provider.

IT Systems are important, many would argue " mission critical", but if administration and communication are essential to your business, how much more so is your actual product ?



We appreciate that you may have selected an offshore manufacturing partner for very logical and valid commercial reasons, and you will be aware from the process of on-boarding your supplier in the first place that establishing a supplier relationship and going through the pre-production processes, tooling set up and quality assurance is not something that should be, or indeed can be achieved quickly. 

Establishing a secondary standby manufacturing partner that can step in at short notice should be as much a part of your long term corporate governance agenda as ensuring the up-time of your back office business systems.

There are many reasons to invest in redundant capacity, not all of them as dramatic as an international incident or other unforeseen logistics problem. Standby, in-country manufacturing also improves your responsiveness to unexpected product demand or other short term capacity challenges.



Arista's In-Country Standby Manufacturing Options

Cold Standby

A dedicated Arista account engineer liaises with you to understand and document your manufacturing requirements and establish terms with reliable local suppliers of the necessary components and materials. Our purchasing team will monitor the component supply chain and report local availability status every quarter in order to minimise the time to set up your production line when required. 

Warm Standby

As per Cold Standby but with machine tooling created, sample production built and tested and minimum inventory maintained on site.

Hot Standby

As per Warm Standby but with production lines set up and idle, ready to ship your product within hours. 



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Arista Electronic Systems is an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), design and development company based 20 miles west of London and operating to ISO9001:2015.

As a contract electronics manufacturing business, Arista has continually grown through the development of long term partnerships with technology driven companies, inventors and innovators.

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